Sunday, April 17, 2016

5 Witchy Things To Do On The Full Moon

Following my post earlier this month covering 5 witchy things to do on the New Moon, today I would like to cover 5 witchy things you can do on the Full Moon. This month, the Full Moon falls on the 22nd. Wonderfully, this is right before our 3 year wedding anniversary! Magic performed on the Full Moon can occur the day before, day of, or the day after, giving you 3 days to perform your magical workings. Some witches believe the power of the Full Moon can be used three days before and after the actual Full Moon, but I prefer the day before, of, and after for magical workings. This is the best time for magic involving personal growth, spiritual development, and cleansing.

5 Witchy Things To Do On The Full Moon

1. Cleanse and charge your crystals. The Full Moon has wonderful cleansing and charging powers. Unlike other methods of cleansing, laying your crystals in the light of the Full Moon also charges them with the Moon's energy. Lay your crystals out in an area where the light of the moon will shine upon them. Learn more about cleansing crystals and empowering them in my previous posts.

2. Draw Down the moon. Drawing Down the Moon is a ritual where you pull the energy of the Goddess or Moon into yourself.  Everyone experiences this differently, but everyone agrees it is a powerful experience. Establishing a connection helps you recharge and cleanse and will increase spell potency.

3. Healing ritual or spell. The Full Moon is a time of healing, just like the New Moon. Conduct spells or rituals centered around healing yourself and others. Use your charged quartz crystals or Draw Down the Moon to assist your magical workings. Cleanse your hearth, home, and self of negativity and draw healing energies to you.

4. Divination. It should come as no surprise that this would be on the list. The Full Moon has always been associated with divination and fortune telling. Use the power of the moon to cast your runes or tarot or read tea leaves. Physic powers are increased during this time.

5. Dream magic and Astral Projection. Dreams are especially potent around the Full Moon due to the increase in physic power at this time of the month. Use Mugwort to increase your power and travel the dream world to solve problems, bring healing, or foretell the future. You can learn more about dream magic, how to stimulate dreams, and astral projection in my previous posts.

To learn more about the Full Moon and the other Moon Phases, please check out my Moon Magic Part 1: Moon Phases and Moon Magic Part 2: Monthly Magical Moons posts.

What do you plan to do this Full Moon? I'd love to hear in the comments below!


  1. This post was great! But about the drawing down moon ritual, how exactly do you do it? Sorry if its a stupid question im a baby witch.

    1. Its a little much to explain through a comment, but ThoughtCo has a great article covering this topic.

      Hope that helps answer your questions. Thank you for reading!


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