Saturday, January 30, 2016

DIY Candle Wheel

DIY Candle Wheel

Imbolc marks the first of the fire festivals with candles being the central focus of sympathetic magic performed during this time. An old Imbolc tradition is the candle wheel, which can be either worn or used as a decorations on altars, tables, or windows. I created mine to be placed on the coffee table in our library/living room.

DIY Candle Wheel

14 inch green foam wreath
8 white taper candles
Brown vase filler (straw)
White Flowers*
LED fairy lights*
Floral Wire

First, line up your candles around your wreath. I placed one at the top, bottom, left, and right then added candles in between. After you have spaced them, push the candles into the foam to mark the ring you will cut out.

Next, cut out the candle holes using your scissors or a knife. You will need them to be at least a half an inch deep. After you have a rough hole, push your candles into the holes and press hard, making sure not to wiggle the candle. This will create a snug, flat candle holder in the foam wreath. Remove the candles.
DIY Candle Wheel

After I cut my candle holder holes, I wrapped the wreath is the brown straw vase filler. You can find this in the wreath and moss section of Michael's. I did not glue mine down, but if you have spray glue, I highly recommend using it to ensure the straw does not fall off. If you are using the fairy lights, wrap them around your wreath next. However, the 32 inch long strand I bought was not big enough to wrap around the wreath, so I am going to return them. Next, wrap your greenery of choice around the wreath and place flowers throughout. You will see I didn't use my ferns or flowers. After adding the one greenery with white flowers, I felt my wreath was perfect. Make it your own.

Next, you will want to wrap your wreath in floral wire. I stuck the first end into the foam wreath and tightly wrapped the floral wire around, making sure to secure the straw and greenery. I wrapped the lose end of wire around itself to secure it.
DIY Candle Wheel

To finish your wreath, heat the bottom of each candle until it begins to drip. Quickly place the candles in their holders. Heating the bottom will cause the candles to stick to the wreath, ensuring they won't topple over or fall out while moving the wreath. However, it is not so secure that you can't easily remove them to replace candles or store the wreath.

DIY Candle Wheel

DIY Candle Wheel

I placed a bowl in the center as an offering dish. As you can see it has my initials on the bottom. My boss gave the dish to me as a Yule gift, and I thought it would make a great offering bowl.

DIY Candle Wheel

And there you have it! A gorgeous, one of a kind candle wreath for your Imbolc celebrations! Good luck creating your own. I would love to see your candle wreaths!

CAUTION: This is highly flammable. Do NOT allow the candles to burn all the way down. Do NOT leave unattended.


  1. OMG! I have died and gone to heaven, this site is amazing, I love your ideas, all the knowledge, I feel so inspired. Thank you xxx

  2. I'm loving this and you've got my creative ideas flowing!!

    1. Thank you! This is one of my favorite things I ever made. I hope you make something wonderful too!


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