Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Home Blessing

New Home Blessing

Now that I have shared the new house with you, even without seeing the inside, I'd like to share my home blessing with you. Before we moved our furniture in, I did my space clearing spell to get rid of any lingering energies and what not. Since the energy of the house was already stirred up from the past owner moving out just hours before, I did a light cleaning and started the ritual without clapping or ringing a bell. Unfortunately, I was alone during this ritual so I don't have any pictures. I will tell you I bought a beautiful new white sage smudge and a shell to go with it. (Please keep in mind the use of white sage is frowned upon by non-Native witches. Please see Decolonizing Witchcraft: Racism, Whitewashing, and Cultural Appropriation in Witchcraft for more information.)

After clearing the energy from the house I moved our stuff in and we started setting things up in their less than permanent locations. I did not bless the house for almost a week for a couple of reasons. First of all, I just haven't been around. Second, I wanted to spend some time getting to know the house before I blessed it and ask it to accept us. Because we had such little time to buy and move, I didn't get several months of visiting and revisiting to get to know the place. The previous owner was still living here which also complicated matters. Her late husband died here. Not in the house physically, but the house watched the man who had lived here since the day it was built waste away on the front porch from cancer before suddenly disappearing and dying in the hospital within a couple weeks. My husband laughs at me, but I can tell the house was still mourning the loss and was not expecting the wife to suddenly move out either. The previous couple lived here for 32 years. That's a hell of a long time and a lot of energy to deal with. Needless to say, I finally felt comfortable enough to bless the house and ask it to accept us

For my blessing, I used a premixed loose incense from my local metaphysical shop. It's called Blessed Space and contains a mixture of white willow bark, myrrh, jasmine, rose bud and petal, clove, ginger, orris root, dandelion, and blessed thistle. Quite a potent mix. Each of these has very specific qualities to bring to the blessing. Willow bark is a traditionally used in blessings while myrrh lifts vibrations and jasmine and rose to bring love and happiness into the space. Clove and ginger are burned for protection (and also exorcism but we won't talk about that). Ginger also brings success, happiness, and prosperity along with orris root. Dandelion and blessed thistle expel negative energy and purify the space.

     Blessing Incense
     Charcoal (if using loose leaf)
     Censor or fire proof dish
     Match or lighter

    New Home Blessing
  1. To begin I charged all my objects with their intent, including the piece of charcoal I was using. This is the first time I have used charcoal and it took me a bit to get it to light with a match (6 matches actually). 
  2. Once lit, place a spoonful of incense on the charcoal and waft until it billows smoke.
  3.  Proceeded clockwise around the space while chanting "Smoke of Air and Fire of Earth, Cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive way all harm and fear; only good may enter here." Visualize the house filling with a warm pink and golden glow of love, prosperity, and happiness.
  4. Allow the incense to burn completely down or douse with water. Bury the remains in your yard or discard them in the trash.
You may want to carry the loose incense with you while you do this ritual. I had to add more twice to make it around the whole house.

New Home Blessing

This incense smelled amazing. I could feel the mood of the house change almost immediately. It was a very beautiful and personal ritual, even if it didn't involve a bunch of work.

Good luck blessing your own home! May it bring you the peace and happiness it is bringing me.


  1. I habitually bless my home (also an old house that has only been in one family until we bought it) and cleanse it when I feel the energy change. Thanks for reminding me of the properties of ginger and clove. I added them to my candle work that I do each morning.


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