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Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury Retrograde?

I apologize for not posting much the past couple of weeks. As you may be aware, Mercury has been in retrograde. While I know scientifically speaking, the placement of the planets probably does not affect our day to day lives, it is hard to ignore them when they actually do. My husband, a non-pagan and atheist, never takes stock in anything pagan, but after being with me for 5 years and listening to the effects of astrology after certain events, I think he at least has some belief in it.

This year Mercury retrograde is affecting all the air signs, meaning my family is experiencing it in full force. Both my husband and I are air signs; he is a Gemini and I am a Libra. I'm not going to lie, this has been an interesting year for us, but a good one.

But what is Mercury retrograde? 
During this three and a half week period, Mercury passes us. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, making its orbit much shorter than that of Earth. Three or four times a year, Mercury passes us, causing powerful gusts of "wind" that disrupts how we feel on Earth. According to the principle "As above, so below,"  the orbits of the heaves and human activity on Earth are connected.

So how does Mercury retrograde affect us?
Mercury rules of all types of communication, including everything from listening and speaking, to learning, researching, and reading. It also rules over negotiating, buying and selling, and formal contracts and agreements, including deeds, wills, leases, mortgages, contracts, etc. Codes are also included in this, including computer codes, and transportation, shipping, and travel.

When Mercury retrogrades, its resting or napping, meaning we don't have the full benefit of a wide-awake planet. All of the areas ruled by Mercury, therefore, tend to get scrambled or spin out of control. Miscommunication is extremely common, leading to disagreements and fights. Contracts fall through or take longer than expected to come to fruition.

So what should I do or not do during Mercury retrograde?
Since Mercury rules over communication, this is not a good time to do anything involving it. Don't start a new blog, magazine, website, or advertising campaign. I posted what, two posts during Mercury retrograde? This is also not a good time to sign contracts or even try to reach a new agreement, including closing on a house or signing a lease. The same goes for verbal contracts. The environment during this period is fluid and confusing, so even if a decision is made, it will likely change when the retrograde ends. Simply put, don't make any important moves while Mercury is in retrograde.

When does Mercury retrograde occur?
Here is a list for this year and the upcoming years.

     September 17 - October 9 in air Libra
     January 5 - January 25 ends in earth Capricorn
     April 28 - May 22 in earth Taurus
     August 30 - September 22 in earth Virgo
     December 19 - January 8, 2017 in earth Capricorn through fire Sagittarius
     December 19, 2016 - January 8, 2017 in earth Capricorn through fire Sagittarius
     April 9 - May 3 in earth Taurus through fire Aries
     August 12 - September 5 in early earth Virgo through fire Leo
     December 3 - December 22 in fire Sagittarius
    March 22 - April 15 in fire Aries
    July 26 - August 8 in fire Leo
    November 16 - December 6 in fire Sagittarius
     March 5 - 28 in water Pisces
     July 7 - 31 ends in water Cancer
     October 31 - November 20 in water Scorpio
     February 18 - March 9 in water Pisces and ends in air Aquarius
     June 17 - July 12 in water Cancer
     October 13 - November 3 in water Scorpio through air Libra

Now I have mentioned that communication becomes jumbled during this time. People often fight with each other because of miscommunications or because things come out wrong. I see tons of people blame their poor judgment and communication on Mercury retrograde. Just because it is in retrograde does NOT mean you are not responsible for your actions. It's also NOT an excuse to be a complete ass to others. Do NOT blame your mistakes on a planet. Step up and step back and take responsibility for your own actions. There is no excuse for your ill behavior during this time. What Mercury in retrograde does mean is that normal and civil discourse is difficult during this period, therefore taking more time than usual or being misunderstood. It does NOT mean people treat each other like dirt. So stop will all the nonsense. Astrology explains events, not your poor behavior.

I'll get off my soapbox now and share some good news. My husband and I have been pursuing something pretty big. I'm not going to reveal what as of yet as we have been keeping it a secret from the majority of our friends and family, but after months of waiting, we finally received some big news the moment Mercury retrograde has ended. I didn't even realize Mercury retrograde had ended because I was so excited by the good news. It actually hit me this morning. Haha! I can't wait to share with everyone what is going on. If you happen to be one of the 5 people that know, please continue to keep our secret. =)

So, now that Mercury retrograde is over, go out and pursue some new goals! Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts on Midsummer lore and traditions, herbarium post on honeysuckle, and a new book review!

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