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Dream Magic: Dream Stimulation

Dream Magic: Dream Stimulation

Dreaming is primarily an activity of the soul, offering a passport into the realm of magic. Just because dreams come naturally does not mean that dreaming isn't a skill you can hone. In fact, controlling and manipulating your dreams requires great skill and lots work. I have talked in the past about enhancing prophetic dreaming, and today I would like to talk about stimulating dreams in general. I know I need to post an introduction to dream magic, but I felt like posting some spells instead. Later I will cover what dream magic is and how mugwort is a witch's best friend, especially when it comes to dream magic.

There are several ways you can enhance dreaming including holed stones, dream baths, and dream incenses. Simple holed stones facilitate dream magic as much, if not more, than other precious gemstones. If you find a pebble or small rock containing holes, know it is a precious gift from the Earth. Not only do they enhance dreaming, but they also provide protection and clairvoyance. You can access the stone's dream power by wearing it around your neck, attaching it to your headboard or wall above your bed, or by placing it under your pillow.

For a dream bath, there are several recipes you can follow. Mind you these baths are meant to be relaxing, sensuous, and soothing so take your time. Use warm water to relax your muscles and help induce sleep. If you want, you can combine your bath with dream incenses. Make sure to take your bath right before bed. My favorite recipe is a Romantic Mugwort Bath. Be careful though. A side effect of this bath is sensual/romantic dreams so if you are hoping for something different a plain Mugwort Tea Bath may be best. For a Mugwort Tea Bath simply pour a cup of hot water over one teaspoon of dried mugwort and allow to infuse for 10-30 minutes or until cool. Add this infusion to your bath. You can add a few drops of mugwort flower remedy for added effect.

For the Romantic Mugwort Bath, place one handful of dried hibiscus flowers, one tablespoon of orange blossoms, one tablespoon of red rose petals, one teaspoon of dried mugwort, and three dried bay leaves in a pot of boiling water. Cover and allow the infusion to cool. Once cool, draw a bath and pour the infusion into it. You can strain the infusion if you like but you don't have to.

For dream incenses, you have several options. Burning the incense should occur right before bed, not while you are sleeping. Use common sense and safety people. You can burn bay laurel with cedar and storax gum resin to assist in dream recall, dream sharpness, and peaceful sleep; mugwort alone or with copal and mastic for psychic dreams; or acacia leaves with myrrh and star anise to contact someone who has passed over.

What do you use to enhance or stimulate dreaming?

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