Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dispeling Sadness

As I mentioned in my last post, things have been pretty abysmal lately. I have been trying to move forward and heal not only my heart, but my body as well. Because I have been so stressed and not eating, I've caught every illness going around this season. Anger and sadness are both like wet blankets; they smother you and your other emotions. If left unchecked they can destroy you.

Dispeling Sadness Spell

This morning I performed a Dispel Sadness Spell. It is quite simple and can be used for any type of sadness but you need to make sure you are very specific. Please refer to my post on primal language to ensure you do not end up making things worse.
  1. Hold a white candle in both hands while you think of all your sorrows and the causes of them.
  2. Write these sorrows onto a piece of white paper, preferably in red ink but any will do.
  3. Anoint the page with honey and fold it up.
  4. Light the candle and use the flame to burn the note while chanting:
    "I give my sadness to the flames,
      The fire eats my grief and pain."
  5. Bury the ashes when you are done.
Again, make sure you are very specific. Because my sadness is connected to my husband and I don't want to dispel him, I made sure to not say he was the cause of the pain. Instead I said it was his actions and his hurtful words. Magic can work as much for you as it can against you if you aren't careful.

I hope this will help clear some of the sadness in our home and that has been smothering me. We can't move forward together if we can't move past our pain.
What do you do to help manage your emotions?


  1. Hi THANK you for all the information,I just found your blog today and I love it already. I'd Luke to know how would I use this in helping my daughter who has 2 babies 1 & 2, she is just 23 she's very sad,depressed,insecure in her relationship. She will not seek help, I'd love to help her but Idk how.
    Blessed Be

    1. You're daughter would need to perform the spell herself or with you in order for this to help. As with all spells, this is designed to focus the mind on a goal and help manifest the intention. I posted a tea recipe that also helps with depression. Of course, seeking professional help is best, but for those who are unwilling to seek help, self care is the next best thing.


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