Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Resolutions

I know that New Year Resolutions are over done or cliche or whatever you want to call them, but they work for me. For the most part, sitting down and reflecting on the previous year and the changes I want to make the upcoming year works. Of course I have the goal of working out more and eating right every year, which I am really good about anyway, but reaffirming it as something I want to continue doing keeps me doing it. Its easy to be lazy.

So what are my goals this year? Most of them are trackable, but a few are not, especially those that pertain to my marriage.

So for 2015 I want to:
  1. Exercise 3-4 days per week for 30 or more minutes. I currently workout 3-4 days per week for between 15 and 20 minutes when I am not running. I want to increase this amount to see more results.
  2. Do yoga 2-3 days per week with my husband. This is something we have been wanting to do for a while, and we bought new mats for us both so now we don't have an excuse. Yoga not only strengthens the body but also the mind, something we both need in all aspects of our life.
  3. Meditate 2 days per week. My year is going to be considerably busier than it has been previously. I am hoping meditating will not only reduce my stress but that it will also help me become the person I want to become in my relationships.
  4. Cut sugar. I have a sweet tooth. Fruit is fine; an ice cream is not.
  5. Read at least 12 books this year. I LOVE to read. I usually read at least 12 anyway so I am reaffirming this goal.
  6. Set up a night routine. I want to wash my face, brush my teeth, rinse with mouthwash, and put lotion on my legs before bed most nights. I realize some nights I won't get to it, but I'd like to do it as often as I am able. I am notorious for just taking out my contacts and falling asleep. I need to be better about caring for myself. I preorded E.L.F.s new line of face products and I am hoping the 4 items I picked are the 4 items they release. Having the new wash and creams will help me stick to this goal.
  7. Save $400+ per month. The spring of 2017 I will have to quit my job to student teach. In order to make sure we are okay, we need to put away a large nest egg.
  8. Say "No" and think about me. I am a people pleaser to a fault. Its part of the reason my relationship is suffering. I am unable to say no in most cases, even when saying yes is only going to hurt me and others badly. I'm also notorious for putting everyone else first and forgetting to take care of me. I need to work on this.
  9. Be more in control of my emotions and show my husband the love and support he needs. My emotions can get the best of me. I am very tender hearted and super empathetic. I feel everyone else's emotions so acutely and half the time I have no idea where they are coming from. One of the problems associated with being open to the energies around you. I also need to show my husband better love and support. This is attached to me being able to say no and to think about me. If I can do those things, I can be a better wife.
  10. Track my goal progress. I have some calendars I am going to print to mark off my goals, and I have included in a section in my planner to keep track as well. Hopefully having it multiple places will help me with some of the goals I know I am going to struggle keeping.
You may have noticed there are no goals, other than meditation, that deal directly with my spirituality. This is because my spirituality cannot and should not be defined by how much I do or do not do. I don't want to feel obligated nor put a quantitative value to how much I practice. I practice when I need to and I will continue to do it that way.

So do you have any resolutions this year? I would love to know what they are!

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