Saturday, April 22, 2017

Book Review: The Witch in Every Woman by Laurie Cabot

 Book Review: The Witch in Every Woman by Laurie Cabot

A couple of weeks ago (read right before the computer crash), I finished reading Laurie Cabot's book The Witch in Every Woman. I really enjoyed this book simply because it was very empowering. Cabot mentions wishing to write this book for quiet some time, and she does a fantastic job encouraging women to reawaken their "magical nature of the feminine to heal, protect, create, and empower." She does this using a series of short stories about Celtic goddesses to inspire women to take back their magical rights and walk between the worlds once more. While the book is slightly dated, it is still a great read for women who are on the fence about witchcraft or who feel as though they are lost. If you guys haven't figured out, I am a feminist. I strongly believe men and women are equal, and that women should be treated as such. This book is very empowering for women readers. However, it is very hetero-normative, but if you look at when it was written (1997), the idea of sharing our womanhood with transgender women was unheard of, not because we weren't inclusive, but simply because we were not aware we needed to include them. Despite what some other reviewers have stated, I do not believe the book to be exclusive to transgender women. Everything Cabot mentions can be easily tailored to fit into the life of a transgender woman.
Book Review: The Witch in Every Woman by Laurie Cabot
The short stories were captivating. I read some tales I had never heard before and gained new perspective into myself. It encouraged me take back parts of me I had lost because of my relationships, particularly my marriage. No, my marriage isn't terrible, but I have a habit of losing myself to others, a trait of many Libras share. Cabot addresses many issues women face on a daily basis, pulling examples from her life and those of her friends to explain how women, over the ages, have been pushed from their rightful place as spiritual healers and protectors. Again, some of the content is dated and a little forceful, but still applicable today, especially to women outside of the United States and other free countries. After the short stories, Cabot shares some legends she created as a teaching tool. The reader is supposed to use these legends to work through different aspects of feminine power. Some of the lessons were fun and engaging, others I simply read and moved on with.

Overall, the book was good. I wouldn't suggest every witch read this book, but if you are a woman struggling with doubts, oppression, regret, fatigue, or anything else that stands in the way of you being the best possible woman and spiritual healer you can be, I strongly encourage you to read this book. It is reaffirming, letting you know you are strong, powerful, smart, loving, and gifted. I give this book 3 stars, not because it isn't great, but because it is not a book that will appeal to everyone. As stated, some of the material is dated and the language is strong. Not everyone needs this book, but those of you that do, don't delay.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mastering Your Grimoire: My Grimoire's Book Blessing

Mastering Your Grimoire: My Grimoire Book Blessing

Writing your Grimoire/BOS book blessing and carrying out the blessing ritual is magical to say the least. The dedication bound you to the book; the blessing infuses the book with your magic. These are extremely important steps. Without them, your book is not magical bound to you. For my book blessing, I pulled inspiration from many sources. I work closely with Mother Earth and the elements, so I wanted to make sure I included them again. The blessing begin by presenting the book bless to Mother Earth and the Elements, calling upon them to witness the ritual and to provide their blessing while protecting the book from "eyes that pry and look." Below you will find my complete book blessing:
"By Mother Earth not yet forlorn,
and the howling wing that proceeds the storm.
By the Water that cleanses the soul,
and Fire that burns through ages untold.
By the gentle Earth from which we come,
This bless shan't be undone.
This precious Grimoire I do bless,
as the four elements will attest.
This blessing shall protect this book,
from curious eyes that pry and look.
Keep it safe from things that harm,
while I fill this book with knowledge and charms.
In the realm of magic this book shall reside,
no one but the chosen shall see what's inside.
By my will this I do wish,
as I seal it with a kiss.
For those of the Craft can truly see,
By my will so mote it be."

Mastering Your Grimoire: My Grimoire Book Blessing

While writing this blessing I burned some white sage, a couple of candles, and had some quartz crystals sitting on the desk to aid in my blessing. I wrote the blessing into my book on the last full moon, a great time to bless and cleanse magical objects. I decorated the corners with peonies, one of my favorite flowers using acrylic paint. I am thrilled with how they turned out.

Mastering Your Grimoire: My Grimoire Book Blessing

I'd love to see what you guys have produced for your blessing. Feel free to share in a comment below, on Facebook, or Instagram using #masteringyourgrimoire. I apologize again for being so far behind. Everything should be back to normal soon. Trying my best to catch up!

Monday, April 17, 2017

April Moon Box Review

April Moon Box Review

Well, I finally managed to transfer all my files from the old computer to the new one! Yes, there was quiet a few files to move, especially files relating to the blog. You'd be surprised how much you accumulate in three years of blogging! I figured what better way to come back than with a subscription box review! Everyone loves subscription boxes. This time I decided to try out the Moon Box by Gaia Collective. It costs $30 a month and comes with 3 handpicked crystals, dried herbs or tea, an essential oil blend, a moon oracle card, a featured artist item, and ritual supplies. It is similar to the Box of Shadows, which I really enjoyed. Furthermore, for every Moon Box purchased, they make a donation to Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing degraded lands through educational programs for farmers and planting trees to create new forests around the world. The box and packing supplies are environmentally friendly, so when you are done, it can be reused, recycled, or returned to the earth.

April Moon Box Review April Moon Box Review

April's box came with some delightful surprises. Upon opening is a letter that says, "Before you open me, find a quiet place to be." I settled down at my altar, shut the door, and opened a window to let the music of the birds outside bring peace and harmony to my room. The envelop contained a card on how to use the box, a Pink Moon oracle card, a crystal information card, and a little booklet about Moon Box and Gaia Collective. The oracle card spoke of spring and new beginnings, saying to listen to your heart instead of your ego. It encouraged to reclaim and reaffirm your values and virtues, and take a step back to recenter if need be.

April Moon Box Review

April Moon Box Review: Cards Front  April Moon Box Review: Cards Back

April Moon Box Review: Crystals

Underneath the envelope was some beautifully and sustainability packaged goodies! The first items I pulled out were the crystals. The little bag contained rose quartz, 3 Kyanite wands, and moonstone. I adore moonstone, and was thrilled to add it to my collection. Per the instructions, I decided to meditate on these crystals. I placed them in my left hand, closed my eyes, and let them speak to me. First was the moon stone. It glowed gold and spoke of balance and peace, especially between work and personal life. It told me to stop worrying about the work I have to do, and spend additional time doing when I love, specifically in regards to my spiritual path. Next was the rose quartz. It was cool to the touch and spoke of self-love as it glowed bright pink. It let me know I needed to seek balance in my life and stop putting my love of others before the love of myself. It told me to hold my head high, even when faced with opposition. It spoke of not letting others, specifically my significant other, rule my emotions and view of my self-worth. Finally was the kyanite wands. They were hot to the touch, almost burning. They glowed dark red then purple. They spoke of power, specifically power over my fear and doubts. They encouraged me to put those aside and go forth with confidence, both in my personal and spiritual life. They also spoke of power in my relationship, telling me that I am strong enough to walk alone and not to fear loneliness. They also spoke of balance is speech and emotion, to listen more and control my emotions, specifically sadness, fear, and doubt. I guess it is time for some change. The kyanite was very clear in its intentions. I will be sure to carry them with me for the next couple of weeks to see how they aid me. I've never had a crystal feel so hot to the touch before. They all affirmed what the oracle card stated I should do this month: reaffirm and reclaim my values of strength, perseverance, love, and courage; to stop letting others rule my actions and emotions.

April Moon Box Review: Tea April Moon Box Review: Tea

Next I opened and steeped the tea which was hand-crafted by Fruits of the Roots. This blend contains elderberry, nettle, hibiscus, rose, Chanca Piedra, wild cherry bark, and Goji berries and comes with a re-usable muslin tea bag. I am allergic to Goji berries, but it appeared there were only 2 in the tea which is not enough to bring on a reaction. The tea brewed into a brilliantly pink hue, sticking with the theme of the Pink Moon. It smells of and tastes of roses. The flowers lend a delightful sweet undertone without the need of added sweetener.

April Moon Box Review: Essential Oil

I then opened the Full Moon Essential Oil Elixir blended by Cottage Traditions. It contains Clary sage, Egyptian geranium, fir balsam, Bulgarian lavender, and vanilla. I spread some on my wrists and and breathed in the aroma. It is relaxing and reaffirming with the smell of vanilla uniting all of the scents.

April Moon Box Review: Candle

Next up was the candle. The candled is a hand-poured candle from Soy Much Brighter. It is called 'Full Moon Remedy' and has a very subtle scent of sandalwood, tangerine, and patchouli.  I struck a match and lit it, igniting my intentions to follow the advice of the crystals. I stared into the flame and imagined my intentions coming to fruition.

April Moon Box Review: Body Butter

Finally I opened the Whipped Shea Butter by Body Brewed. It has a very subtle sweet orange and Clary sage scent, and is delicately thick. I rubbed some on my feet in an act of self-love and care. It absorbed quickly and left my feet feeling refreshed and moisturized. They have been aching all week from running and long days on my feet, so it felt wonderful to spend some time rubbing them and thanking them for carrying me through the week.

April Moon Box Review

I ended my box opening ritual with a short meditation. I imagined myself walking through a old forest. I could smell the moss and damp earth and feel it between my bare feet. As I walked I begin to hear water and suddenly arrived at a clear, deep blue lake. I felt the sudden urge to swim and entered the cold water. I lay floating on my back, staring at the sky for some time before diving deep beneath the surface to explore the depths below. When I came up for air I felt refreshed and renewed. I walked to the shore and patted myself off with a towel sitting on a new by rock. I heard a twig crack and looked up to see a white stag standing across the lake from me. As I looked into its eyes I felt a sense of peace and strength and suddenly the meditation was over.

I really look forward to the box that will arrive in May. Unlike the Box of Shadows, this box has an opening ritual which I found divine. The day before the full moon they send out a a recording guided meditation for the full moon. Unfortunately I missed it this time, but look forward to participating next month.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


I just wanted to let everyone know that my computer crashed last weekend, and I have to purchase a new one. I am still in the process of attempting to move files to my new computer. Until I manage to do that (and back everything up online), planned posts are going to be delayed. Please hang with me while I make the transition. The good news is, I have the newest edition of Photoshop! At least something good came out of it! Haha! I am going to try to get everything done by the end of this week and get those posts ready to go. I have a book review, Gaia Box review, tulip herbarium, and some Mastering Your Grimoire posts coming ASAP!

Hope to see you before the week is out!