Friday, February 24, 2023

Book Review: The Green Witch's Garden Journal by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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With spring right around the corner, most of us with a garden have begun planning our gardens for this year, from sketching out ideas to planting seeds to mulching and fertilizing. So what better time than now to introduce you all to The Green Witch's Garden Journal by Arin Murphy-Hiscock?! 

This fantastic journal is a follow-up to Murphy-Hiscock's The Green Witch's Garden which was released in December 2021, but it can be used as a standalone. This journal contains three sections: basic gardening tips, a weekly journal, and plant profiles. The basic gardening tips are very basic, meaning if you are new to gardening, they are enough to point you in the right direction to find more information, but not enough to rely on as your own gardening advice. Murphy-Hiscock also offers some magical gardening advice, which you will not find in other gardening journals. However, the heart of the book is the journal pages themselves, not the information in the introduction.

Murphy-Hiscock provides both weekly logs where you can detail everything going on in your garden as well as plant profiles where you can document all the mundane and magical details about the plants you are growing. The weekly logs include sections for astrological events, rainfall, temperature, moon phases, and garden sitings. As Murphy-Hiscock says in the introduction, recording what is going on in your garden helps you plan in the future as you are not going to remember everything that happened the year before. It also allows you to identify patterns, especially those that may be occult in nature, so that you can look for signs, messages, and spiritual meanings that arise during the gardening process. My favorite section, however, is Section Three which contains plant compendiums, where you can record detailed information about each of the plants you are growing including magical properties, folklore, uses, planting history, ideal growing conditions, and pruning and fertilizer schedules. As someone who adores plants and tracking their uses and growing details, this final section won me over in a heartbeat. Finally, the journal ends with a couple of pages of graph people where you can sketch out gardening plot ideas or jot down additional notes.

The combination of magical and mundane aspects is perfect for any witch that currently grows a garden or is looking to start one of their own in the future. There truly is nothing on the market quite like this garden journal, and Murphy-Hiscock has done a great job filling a void in the magical gardening market. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this journal, at least once, to get you started on your magical gardening journey or to help you better track your garden over a season. This journal will act as an excellent reference, a sort of gardening grimoire if you will, for years to come. You can pre-order a copy of The Green Witch's Garden Journal by Arin Murphy-Hiscock now wherever books are sold.

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