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Book Review: The Witch's Guild to Wellness by Krystle L. Jordan

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Wellness is a pretty hot topic at the moment and with the news coming out of DC this past week, I think we could all use some self-care before getting out there and fighting the good fight. Remember, you can't help others if you are not taking care of yourself in the process. The Witch's Guide to Wellness: Natural, Magaical Ways to Treat, Heal, and Honor Your Body, Mind, and Spirit by Krystle L. Jordan is a short guide to taking care of your whole self.

Unlike a lot of other wellness books, I felt this one was rather accessible, uniting principles of witchcraft with those of wellness. However, the book largely centers Western ideas of wellness. Its not wrong, as Jordan is writing from her perspective as a witch and certified holistic nutritionist, but I felt it needed mentioning early on to give a better idea of what to expect from the 135 recipes, spells, rituals, and remedies found throughout the book.

The book is divided up into chapters that focus on different aspects of wellness: Home, Body, Mind, and Spirit. Within each chapter is an array of information and practical practices you can engage in to take care of yourself and you family. I loved the layout of this book and the bits of valuable information spread throughout. You can jump around in this book based on your needs, but I encourage you to read it cover to cover at least once so you don't miss out on this information hidden in unlikely places. Each of the recipes includes a short introduction, materials to gather and their magical properties, and clear concise steps. The majority of these spells, rituals, remedies, and recipes contain accessible ingredients, meaning that even those on a budget can practice wellness. However, there are many recipes that contain essential oils, which can be expensive, but a crafty witch knows how to make due with what they have. Jordan also offers some general guidelines for some of the recipes in her books, encouraging her reader to make their own magic. I appreciate this and I am sure other readers will fill the same. With 135 recipes and spells throughout the book, Jordan offers a wide variety of ways to care for yourself. There really is something for everyone in this book, and the spells are very unique. I hadn't seen such creativity in a while.

Of course with every book there are some things I didn't like. First, Jordan promotes this idea of detoxing your body as if you body can't do it on its own. The whole detox campaign is not based on science and is a marketing ploy to steal your money. With that being said, there are things you can do to help your body in its natural detoxing, and certainly things you can do to rid yourself of spiritual negativity. While I love the colors of the book, the text is dark purple and dark green, which may make it difficult for some readers to see. I know this was not Jordan, but her editors and designers that made this decision, but it needs to be said anyway. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. At first I wasn't entirely sure I was going to, knowing how I feel about the wellness and diet industry, but Jordan does a great job avoiding some of the pit falls other authors and creators make. She promotes treating the whole person, living sustainably, and connecting to your witchy roots, which is always a plus in my book. If you are looking on upping your wellness game or aren't sure where to start, The Witch's Guide to Wellness: Natural, Magaical Ways to Treat, Heal, and Honor Your Body, Mind, and Spirit by Krystle L. Jordan is the book for you. You can pick up your copy now, wherever books are sold.

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