Thursday, June 10, 2021

Update: Resource Page Now Available

Hello, Witches!

I finally finished putting together the foundations of the Resources page which can be found on the navigation bar next to Herbarium. This page consists of books, articles, blogs, websites, shops, apps, podcasts, and more for witches and pagans. I hope that it will serve as a starting place for new and old witches alike who are looking for something new to expand their path or where to get started.

I divided the page into different types of resources, as well as by content. For example, there are books on traditional witchcraft, history and folklore, divination, sabbats, etc. Everything on hedgecraft appears first, with an entire section dedicated to information on this topic, including articles I have written here. I did this because this blog is first and foremost about hedgecraft and I wanted to make sure the resources for new and aspiring hedgewitches were easy to find. Everything within the resource list is linked to where you can find more information or purchase/download the resource. When free options were available, I noted them off to the side.

I will be updating this list monthly as I read more books and more recommendations from vetted sources are made. There are so many resources out there on witchcraft and paganism, but not all of them are great. This list consists of those items I think are worth reading or those that come highly recommended from people I trust and respect as witches. This does not mean that all of the sources are perfect. In fact, some of them contain problematic language, cultural appropriation, or misinformation, especially about history, but there is enough good content in these resources for me to include them here. I will never include anything on this list that I would not highly recommend, so you can rest assured these are worth spending your time and money on.

Enjoy and be sure sure to check back often!

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  1. Seriously wonderful work. The time and effort that went into putting this together are wholeheartedly appreciated, as is that which went to your own blog content listed on this stellar resource.

    Thank you mightly for including my blog there. I am honoured and genuinely teared up in the best kind of way when I saw that.

    So much love,

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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