Thursday, June 6, 2019

5 Crystals for Gardening

5 Crystals for Gardening

I love crystals and I love plants, so what better combination than using crystals to enhance the abundance and growth of my plants? Gardening, especially in the South where we are prone to drought, is not always easy. By using energies from the Earth in the form of crystals, you can enhance the energies in your garden, giving your plants some additional help. Here are 5 easy to find crystals you can use in your garden, whether you are growing in pots in a windowsill or tilling up an acre of land for fruits and vegetables.

5 Crystals for Gardening- Moss Agate

1. Moss Agate: This is the go-to crystal for gardens, often referred to as "the gardener's talisman." It's on every crystal gardening list out there and for a good reason. First, it appears to be covered in moss, with mossy green intrusions in a white, creamy base, if you can even see the white base. This lends to its association with plants, gardening, and nature spirits. It attracts abundance and prosperity thus aiding in plant growth and guaranteeing a healthy, bountiful harvest. Moss Agate can be carried in your pockets or worn while gardening and watering, placed at the base of your plants, or hung in trees. However you choose to use it, this little crystal will be sure to help your garden grow.

5 Crystals for Gardening- Tree Agate

2. Tree Agate: Ah, another agate! They are pretty universal, coming in a variety of colors and forms. Like Moss Agate, Tree Agate has dark green intrusions that form a tree-like pattern with roots sinking deep into a white base. It is associated with growth and perseverance as the roots of a tree are able to seek out water, even in the dryest of places. As such, it aids in the growth of plants in difficult conditions such as the drought we face here in Georgia. Tree Agate is often placed or buried next to plants needing assistance, especially those that may be sick or infected with a parasite.

5 Crystals for Gardening- Green Fluorite

3. Green Fluorite: This is a less often used crystal for gardening, but I've found it to be extremely helpful. Green Fluorite is associated with growth and nature energies due to its green color. Furthermore, it is a cleansing crystal, removing negative energies from any environment. I find it particularly useful around plants that are infested with insects or a fungus. It also increased intuition and can be carried on your person to help you figure out which areas in your garden need your attention.

5 Crystals for Gardening- Malachite

4. Malachite: Another beautiful green crystal associated with abundance and growth. The Ancient Egyptians saw Malachite as a fertility symbol, associating it with vegetation, agriculture, and healthy crops. When placed in the garden, it increases plant growth and abundance.

5 Crystals for Gardening- Moonstone

5. Moonstone: Moonstone is my favorite crystal, second only to Black Tourmaline, and its a great crystal for gardening. As the name suggests, it is associated with the Moon, and therefore a symbol of fertility. Moonstone was a favorite of Native American healers who used it as a way to increase plant growth while promoting peace within the garden. It can be placed in the garden or carried on your person while watering to promote plant growth.

5 Crystals for Gardening

These crystals not resonating with you or you're unable to find them? There are several other crystals you can use in your garden to enhance plant growth and health, including, but not limited to, green aventurine, clear quartz, rhyolite, green calcite, citrine, Tiger's eye, emerald, and blue lace agate. Whatever crystals you choose to work with, you and your plants will benefit from their energies. Happy gardening!


  1. I've never really incorporated crystals into my practice (am I the only one?!), but these might just change my mind! Lovely post and a lovely blog - it's been such a great resource since I discovered your site :)

    1. I am kind of a crystal nut, with my background in geology and all. I love having them everywhere and using them in my practice. I hope working with crystals is able to enhance your craft and your garden! Thank you for reading. I'm certainly glad you are enjoying my blog.

  2. Had never thought of working with crystals in this way, really glad I discovered your site. Thank you


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