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Box of Shadows Review: November

Box of Shadows Review: November

Boy oh boy is this post LATE. November's Box of Shadows was actually really nice and developed around the beautiful full moon we had last month. Unfortunately, I didn't check my mail until AFTER the full moon so I didn't get to use any of the box to celebrate last month. And because I have been so busy, I didn't have time to review the box either. Honestly, I opened it, rummaged through it, and tucked it away in my closet with my other witchcraft stuff. I'm still looking for an altar so everything is still boxed up which makes my spiritual life a wee bit difficult. Hopefully that'll change soon. I think I finally figured out what I want to use as an altar and where to put it, but I have to find the piece first! Story of my life.

Box of Shadows Review: November

Box of Shadows Review: November

Anyway, December will be the last month I receive a Box of Shadows. I decided to review it for 3 months then test another company. There are several out there that cater to the pagan community and I would like to give them all a try as well. So let's review November's box and when December's comes in next week, I'll review it as well. I know, I know...I am playing some serious catch up on the blog.

November's Box of Shadows was constructed around the full moon last month. As with every box is came with some candles, sage, an herb, and a couple of ritual trinkets.

Box of Shadows Review: NovemberLet's start with the candles. Since this box is centered around the full moon, all of the candles were colors associated with the moon. They are various shadows of blues and silver/grey. I was really excited to get such an array of candles. To be honest, I was out of blue candles after using them for a healing spell in October after my go karting accident. I'm glad I was able to restock without making a trip across town to the metaphysical store.

Box of Shadows Review: NovemberNext up was a beautiful moon candle holder. This is PERFECT for esbat rituals and spells or any magic honoring or requiring the moon. It is gorgeously made in a silver finish and will look beautiful on my altar...if I ever find one. Ha!

The box also came with some Moon Ritual soap that can be used prior to any esbat ritual to cleanse you and prepare you for the ritual or spell work ahead and some The Moon incense. Another great item for an esbat ritual!

Box of Shadows Review: NovemberMy favorite piece is, however, is the moonstone bracelet. Moonstone is often a pearly white color, as in this bracelet. The silvery, grey color is associated heavily with the moon, hence its name, and invokes reflective, intuitive powers and increases harmony. It brings calmness and tranquility, and is believed to absorb wishes and sent them on their way to the moon. This is something I probably need to charge and wear everyday. Like I said, I tucked everything away without pulling anything out. I could really use some peacefulness and hope right now.

Box of Shadows Review: NovemberFinally, there was of course the white sage and a new herb, willow! Kind of obvious what my favorite tree is and what plant I feel the greatest connection with. I was super excited to receive some willow last month. Willow is associated with the moon (duh!), females rights of passage, fertility, creativity, inspiration, emotion, love, protection, and healing. It is often referred to as the tree of immortality due to its ability to regrow from fallen branches. As a pretty artistic Feminist, this tree speaks loudly to me. It brings me great joy to look upon the beautiful weeping willow in my yard. Standing beneath its branches I feel a sense of calm no other tree brings. I shall be using the dried willow often while I work on my grimoire to boost my creativity and poor loving, healing energies into it.

I have to say I really enjoyed November's box. It couldn't have come to me at a better time, but I guess that is the way the Universe works sometimes. We often send out spells and messages with our basic thoughts, dreams, and emotions without even realizing we've done so. She is always listening and bringing us what we need, not necessarily what we want.

I look forward to seeing what December's box has in store for me!

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