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Dream Magic: Introduction

Dream Magic: Introduction

Because dreaming comes so easily, many people believe dreams are unworthy of our attention. For the witch, however, dreams have great significance. It is our ticket to understanding not only ourselves, but the world around us through the use of our own brain. Have you ever heard the phrase "I need to sleep on it?" You probably have, but what does it mean?

Our brains are constantly at work, even while we are asleep. However, while we sleep our brain isn't just sending us meaningless information. In fact, it is processing all the day's events and problem solving. Sometimes we don't see or understand small details of the day, but our mind has picked them up and processed them, and it uses these missed details to piece together a better understanding of our lives. Often times "sleeping on it" leads to a solution or new outlook on a problem. This is why dreaming is so important, not just to witches, but to everyone. Dreams are not something that happen to us, but instead something we do.

Many occultist believe dreams are messages from other realms or spirits attempting to communicate with us. As a scientists and a witch, I am hesitant to believe this, but I am open to the possibility all the same based on my own personal experiences. My best friend passed away while we were in high school. I dreamt several days before her death that she was going to die. I ignored it, writing it off as nothing but my mind playing tricks on me; I was mistaken. I don't blame myself, but since that day I taken my dreams very seriously. Dreams are not harbingers or death or a sentence of inevitable doom. However, they tend to carry warnings and messages of protection. A week before I got married my best friend visited me in a dream, telling me she missed me, that she would be present on my wedding day, and that she hoped my marriage was everything I had hoped for. It was wonderful to see her, and the day of my wedding her mother brought a framed photo of her for our Best Man to walk down the aisle. It was a blessing to spend my wedding day with her.

Dreams allow us to do more than just solve problems, answer questions, and visit those from beyond. They also allow us to work through past-life regressions, heal, see the future (more than likely based on those missed details from the day), replenish our psychic ability, strengthen personal power, and even cast spells and astral project. I'm not going to lie; I am pretty good at astral projection, but it takes lots of practice and caution. I'll cover this in a later post.

If you receive enough sleep each night, you should have roughly five dreams. "But I don't have dreams, let alone five!" you say. I am positive you do; you just aren't trained to remember them. Very, very, very few people don't dream due to head injuries or other problems. Most of us, however, do dream but we only tend to remember the bad dreams, usually because they wake us up. Certain herbs, such as mugwort, can coax your dreams out of the shadows. There are several other techniques you can use to hence remembering and dreaming, but I will discuss this another time.

Dreams cannot always be taken literally. Our dreams are fluid and often hallucinatory, making them full of secrets, private languages, and jokes. They can be a source of joy and elation, transcendence, or even terror. Suppressed memories often emerge in dreams, so be cautious. Nightmares are often a signal that something is out of sorts or that you are encountering a potentially dangerous situation. Usually embedded in these dreams are clues and hints for preventing or remedying the situation.

In later posts I will cover mugwort, dreaming techniques and tips, and astral projection. I hope this post has been enlightening and helpful.

How do you read your dreams? Do they mean something different to you?

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  1. Hello, I first want to thank you for having such an informative blog. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of resources. I frequently enough, have bad dreams that often seem so real I wonder if they weren't dreams. My senses are alert in these dreams, I can, or my brain tells me I can not only see what is happening like its in front of me but I can also feel, taste, and hear what is happening in my dreams like I would in a conscious state. As some of these are rather bad ones, any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you for reading! I am sorry you are having terrible nightmares. Are you able to change the dreams at all, as in you are in control, or do you lose complete control during these dreams? If you can control the dreams, that is where I would start. Try to make a conscience choice to change the dream to something different. If that doesn't work, try casting a nightmare banishment spell and keep amethyst close by. Its great for protecting and warding off bad dreams. However, it is important to consider where these nightmares may be coming from. More often than not, our dreams are our mind's way of working through the day's events. If you are stressed or upset about something, this stress can manifest in the form of nightmares. I would take clear notes and try to figure out where in your daily life these dreams are coming from. It may be that you are facing a real world problem that you need to solve before the dreams will cease. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can go back to peaceful dreaming soon!


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