Friday, November 14, 2014

The Path is Set

So this week has been...interesting. I've been a nanny for the same family for 2 years, and I love my job, but some weeks are trying. Monday started bright and early (I did not sleep well) and was hoping to nap in the afternoon while the oldest, L, was at school and the youngest, S, was napping. Well, I get a call from Mom saying school was cancelled because low and behold the school had lost power. L refused to nap that afternoon too.

Tuesday was great. I took the girls to story time and met up with up the L's best friend W. His mom just had a baby, but she brought him out and left the newborn with her mother-in-law. We enjoyed story time and a wonderful lunch afterwards. Mom came home early because she is sick and napped in the afternoon. Thankfully EVERYONE took a nap, including me.

Wednesday the little one was sick with Mom so I was taking care of them both while L was in school. Thursday, W's mom dropped him off to play with L and the two spent the afternoon running circles around the kitchen island singing songs as loud as they could. Made me smile. I know most parents and nannies would have made them hush and stop their running, but I knew they needed it. It was too cold outside to play and they weren't hurting anyone. I am honestly pretty damn relaxed with kids. W's mom told me I'm a pro and having my own children will be a cake walk. I hope so.

Today I went to the dentist to have a root canal, was numbed up, then told the tooth was too infected to do any work. First world problems.

Stressful week at work, but I received some excellent news this week and it is why I am posting!

"Dear Ms. M,
On behalf of all the faculty of the Tift College of Education, I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Master of Arts in Teaching program for Spring Semester 2015. You have met the requirements for full admission, and we commend you on reaching this important milestone in realizing your educational goals. Congratulations and welcome!"

Wonderful news indeed. Tift College of Education is part of Mercer University, a private college, here in Atlanta. We have had a very rough year and a half. I hope this is the light we have been needing.


  1. I suspect your experience with children will definitely make raising your own easier. Take it from someone who had ZERO experience with kids, but is managing just fine. It will always be different, but at least you'll have some idea of what to expect. ;)

    That's wonderful about the acceptance! Huge congratulations and best of luck! <3

    1. Also, this just occurred to me... did you have a different blog before? I feel like we've conversed before, well before I was pregnant and didn't have as much time for blogging, reading or commenting. ;)

    2. Thank you Danni!

      And yes, The Mortician's Wife was my old blog. I just got tired of all the stress that blog was bringing me and the million ideas I had so I gave it up to create a more focused forum. I feel like this time I am writing for me and not to get the 50k page views a day. It has definitely been better for my spirituality as I don't have another outlet of expression.

      I have missed you blogging, but fully understand that life is crazy, especially while pregnant and just after having a baby. Your son is absolutely adorable. I am so happy for you and your husband. :)

    3. I thought so! Your aesthetic was a dead giveaway, you've got a distinct and pretty style. ;)

      It's amazing how much more enjoyable blogging is when you do it for yourself. :) I'm glad you're back, I had kept your old blog in my reader until it got over taken by spammers just in case.

  2. As a nanny as well I completely understand. I have recently started working with a new family and so far it is wonderful. It has been years since I have cared for an infant though and with all the napping and sticking to his schedule sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. The previous family I worked for had four children ages 4-9 so there was always something to do. Congratulations on your acceptance letter! Very exciting.


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