Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tarot Deck Blessing

I recently purchased my very first tarot deck; scandalous that I didn't own one before, I know. However, when it comes to magical objects, I tend to take my time. I want something I feel connected to. I absolutely love this tarot deck, but I have to be honest, since purchasing it I haven't done much with it. I want to change that now. That starts with cleansing and blessing my tarot deck to prepare it for use.

Any object, especially those that change hands often such as those in a store, picks up energy from its surroundings. Sometimes that energy is wonderful, other times not so much. When you first purchase, receive, or find a magical tool, the first thing you should do is cleanse the item, ridding it of any residual energy, and bless it, thus infusing it with your own energy.

There are several ways to quickly and easily cleanse a tarot deck, or any magical object for that matter.
  1. Sage smoke cleansing: Light up some white desert sage, and wafted the smoke over the object, imagining the item being rid of any energies it may contain. If you want, say a chant while you cleanse such as "Rid this (item name) of bad luck; clear it of all pride and muck. Let the energies be released; fill it now with love and peace."
  2. Moon light cleansing: Place the object outside or in a window where it will receive at least 6-12 hours of moon light. The moon is a powerful cleanser, especially for objects associated with the feminine or divination. 
  3. Salt cleansing: Salt cleansing relies on the grounding properties of the element Earth to cleanse and purify objects. Simply sprinkle the object with salt or draw a salt sing around the object. Allow to sit for about 8 hours.
I picked sage smoke cleansing to cleanse my tarot deck. Its quick, easy, and I enjoy the smell of white desert sage. What witch doesn't?!

Now to bless the deck! This ritual is best performed during the full or new moon. You will need a quiet place, your tarot deck, a white candle, and some yarrow incense or dried yarrow with a charcoal burner.

In your quiet place, light the candle and the incense/charcoal. Hold your deck in your hands and close you eyes. In your mind's eye, picture you deck being filled with bright white and gold light. Hold this image for at least a minute. If you want repeat the following phrase several times: "I bless this deck that I hold near, to enlighten and empower the noble Seer. Bring strength and guidance to those in need; so I will it, so mote it be."

Once you have infused your deck with your energy and blessing, pass it through the yarrow smoke. As you do so repeat, "Yarrow with your mighty powers, enhance my decks physic powers." Yarrow increases physic ability, making it the perfect herb to use to enhance your tarot deck. Once you have finished, sit quietly with your deck and meditate over what you hope to accomplish with it. When you feel ready, snuff out the candle and safely put away your tarot deck. After a cleanse and blessing, your deck should be kept in a protective bag or box out of hands that touch. They will easily pick up energy from others when handled or left out. You will need to cleanse them often, especially after using with another person.

And there you have it! Your deck is now cleansed, blessed, and ready to be used. Do you have a tarot deck? If so, how did you cleanse and bless it?


  1. I have two tarot decks. One by Llewellyn that's fairy esque, amd an egyptian one.
    I also have Isis oracle cards which I looooooove! A friend gave me fairy and unicorn oracle cards from doreen virtue's line but I'm not as into them. The fairy oracle cards are really blunt!! Haha
    But I love my tarot decks. The egyptian on does not do the reverse cards however.
    I cleanse my cards with palo santo wood or incense. I actually don't really like the scent of sage!

    1. Nice! I looked at a lot of cards before I finally picked out a set I liked. I looked at the oracle cards and didn't see any I liked. I'm not sure if I am going to read reverse or not. I do not read reverse runes.

      You don't like the smell of sage?! Crazy lady! I don't know what palo santo wood smells like. I am intrigued.

  2. I have two tarot decks too: the centennial RWS deck, that I mainly use it just for witchcraft and the Mucha tarot (an art noveau themed deck) that I use for normal readings.
    When I get I new deck, I make it an interview to see its personality and I leave it with a clear quarz and the fehu rune under the moonlight (preferably if it's full/new moon).

    1. I looked at the Mucha tarot deck, but as much as I loved the artwork, it didn't resonate with me. I ended up purchasing the Shadowscapes tarot deck. The foxes were what really drew me to it.

  3. Ooh! I know that deck too, I love the artist that made it ^^

    The way I use tarot with witchcraft is to find out what energies could affect the spell, to find advice and as a symbolic tool to focus my intention.

    It's nice to learn how everyone practices their craft :)

    1. Great way to use them. It never occurred to me to use them to figure out what energies could potentially affect a spell. Great insight into how to counter such things!

  4. I am a deck collector. I have over thirty decks. My first deck was the rider Waite, my favorite and most accurate is the Morgan greer and my latest that I've been using and LOVE is the steampunk deck!

    1. Over 30 decks?! Holy crap that is a lot! I had the hardest damn time picking out just 1, let alone more than 1! I have seen the steampunk deck. I liked a lot of the art work, but it speak to me when I picked it up.

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