Monday, June 8, 2020

Meet The Goddess of All Trades & How to Incorporate Magic into Business by Ashley A.

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Without going off the deep end and giving you my entire life story and how all my troubles and trials led me to where I am today, I’m going to keep it short and sweet so we can get to the most interesting part - why I’m the Goddess of All Trades and how I incorporate magic into my business!
I grew up in a small, Baptist town in Alabama and so my cultural exposure was quite limited. It wasn’t until my early teens that I discovered witchcraft and became interested in learning about magic. I was an on-again, off-again witch up until my early 20s when I decided to fully embrace my witchery and further develop my spiritual practice. During this time I was also developing my professional career and had been working in customer service for quite some time, but it wasn’t until I landed a management position that I discovered my entrepreneurial roots.

I worked in management for the next 5 years and dug deep into what it really meant to run a business. I learned the importance of time management, organization, marketing, and so much more in that short 5 year stint in the corporate world. To make matters even better, I was actually really good at what I did. Increasing revenue was always one of my top priorities and I had the ability to brainstorm different ways to make it happen.

In 2018, after working in a very toxic work environment, I took matters into my own hands and ventured into the entrepreneurial world. I knew that what I had been doing for big, corporate businesses I could be doing on a much more personal level with small businesses, and even better I didn’t have to do it behind a desk. I could do it anywhere! And so I began to reach out and connect with people in various industries, offering virtual management services such as social media management, making website updates, managing newsletters, Pinterest management, pretty much anything that could be done on a computer with internet access. To my amazement, I was able to replace my monthly income within 2 months of being self-employed. Not only was I successful, but I also absolutely LOVED what I was doing.

About 6 months into my venture I finally reached a point where I felt extremely comfortable connecting with just about any business in any industry. There was one industry, however, that I had left untouched. The spiritual industry. It was probably the biggest “Duh!” moment of my professional life. Here I was with the ability to work with literally anyone and I had not even thought of working with someone with a spiritually centered brand. And so I decided to shift my services into the witchy and metaphysical industries.

It has now been over 2 years since I made the decision to branch out on my own. I now work solely with witches, energy healers, metaphysical shop owners, my kind of people! Once I made the shift things began to flow naturally. Seeking clients within the spiritual and witchy community allowed me to connect a little deeper with the people I was choosing to connect with. I no longer aimlessly shoot for random companies to email. I instead was able to tap into my intuition and find ‘my people’. That’s not to say that I’ve worked with every single person I’ve reached out to, nor has every partnership lasted. In fact, I’ve had some brutal fallouts with past clients to the point that I questioned the Universe why it placed them in my path in the first place! But for the most part, I have had an amazing time and have connected with some remarkable people.

Ok, finally! On to the good bits. How exactly do I incorporate magic into my business? I mean aside from working with magical people that is. Well, for starters I love using tarot as a way to connect deeper with my intuition to get guidance for creative projects. A lot of times clients will come to me to brainstorm ideas for things like new product launches or blog post topics. I never hesitate to whip out my tarot deck and draw a card or two for a little divine inspiration on how to move forward with the ideas. It has been so resourceful and helps me make more aligned decisions for individual clients.

Another way I incorporate magic into my business is through the use of crystals. How cliche, right? Nothing can quite pull me out of a creative block like Carnelian though! I turn to crystals all the time to help keep my vibrations up so that I can deliver prime results to my clients. All I do is pick from my collection and keep it near me as I’m working throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll even design a crystal grid on my laptop and let it sit overnight to enchant my laptop with uplifting vibrations too!

The last magical business act that I’ll share with you today is manifestation magic. I especially like to use this sort of magic with my Pinterest management services. When I sit down to start planning, strategizing, and creating I will hold a mini-ritual packed with some serious manifestation energy. I’ll set the intention to match my clients’ needs whether it be the need to reach a larger audience, sell a program, or to just simply make a statement. I’ll then use that energy and place it into the work I do so that the entire project is engulfed with magic that attracts success.

Working within this industry has truly been an honorable experience. Not only am I working with people who value me and my time, but they are also teaching so much about various paths and practices. It has helped me discover more parts about myself that I didn’t know existed, both magically and professionally. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones to reach fulfillment, that is the number one thing my entire experience has taught me.

 Ashley is an eclectic kitchen witch who has been practicing witchcraft
over 10 years. She enjoys her days in sunny Florida tending to her
 ever-growing herb and veggie garden. She has been virtually assisting
 fellow witches, energy healers, lightworkers, and metaphysical shop
 owners since 2018 and recently co-launched an online witchy shop -
 Solstice Sisters - where she offers kitchen magic tips and crafts magical

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