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13 Smoke-Free Ways to Cleanse Your Space and Objects

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When it comes to cleansing space, the go-to in the witchy world is almost always white sage, followed by palo santo. Both of these methods, while effective, use smoke to cleanse a space or object of stagnant energy, unwanted negativity, and unwelcome spirits which is not always an option for witches, whether it be because of pets, health issues, or housing restrictions. Thankfully, there are a number of other ways that you can cleanse your space and items that do not require smoke or flame.

1. Herbal Cleansing Spray
This form of cleansing has become increasingly popular as of late. Herbal sprays often contain essential oils from cleansing herbs in an alcohol base, but they can also be made from herbal infusions. There are a host of amazing herbal cleansing sprays on the market, or you can make your own at home using about 2 ounces of 91% isopropyl alcohol or vodka with 30 drops combined of essential oil from plants such as rosemary, sage, cedar, lavender, cinnamon, or patchouli. Please be aware that cinnamon and lavender essential oils are toxic to cats, but all other essential oils are safe for cats while all of those listed are safe for dogs. To cleanse an object or space using an herbal cleansing spray, simply spray the area with the spray. Feel free to turn this process into a ritual or combine it with visualization. (Looking for a great recipe? Solstice Sisters have an excellent High Vibration Cleansing Spray recipe on their blog!)

2. Asperging (asperges)
This is one of my favorite ways to cleanse a space that does not require smoke or candles. Asperging is the practice of cleansing a space or object using sanctified water. In the Catholic tradition, this is usually holy water, but many witches use water that has been blessed with salt. The water is then sprinkled around the space to cleanse the area, usually using a tool of some sort. You can use your fingers or an herb bundle to sprinkle the water. I prefer the use of rosemary, but cedar, sage, or lavender will also do the trick.

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3. Sound
There are a variety of sounds you can use to clear space and cleanse objects. Clapping, singing, chanting, singing bowls, bells, banging pots and pans while screaming GTFO all work. I personally prefer the last one, especially if it involved spirits of the physical kind. But in all seriousness, sound creates vibrations that stir up energy, making it easier to remove. Negativity also doesn't like positivity, so sounds that bring you happiness and joy will force the negative energy out of the space. Walk counterclockwise around your space while using your preferred sound method to cleanse the space.

4. Blowing
This is my favorite method for cleansing objects, especially crystals. When you blow, you are physically removing dust and debris from the object or space, much like you use a leafblower to remove yard waste from your lawn or driveway. However, when you use your breath to cleanse an object, you also fill the object with your energy and intent. This is why I love this method so much for crystals. Whenever I buy a new one, I hold it in my hand until it is warm then close my eyes and blow lightly, removing any lingering energy from before it came to me and infusing it with my energy, thus attuning it to my craft. 

5. Sweeping
Sweeping with a broom is also a super common way to cleanse a space, and probably one of the most useful because not only does it remove stale and negative energy, it also physically cleans the space as well. I encourage you to sweep the area using a mundane broom first to physically cleanse the space, then ritually sweep to remove energy. Be sure to do so counterclockwise (banishing) and sweep the energy out your front door. Combine this with a chant or visualization and some salt, and you got yourself a powerful cleansing ritual.

6. Sunlight
Sunlight is the ultimate cleanser, especially for objects. UV radiation kills bacteria and viruses, as well as removes unwanted energy by raising a space or objects vibration. If you are looking to cleanse a space, open windows, and use mirrors to reflect more sunlight into the space. If you are cleansing an object, place it in direct sunlight or someplace it will receive indirect light. Not all objects fair well in sunlight, so use with caution. Moonlight is also powerful, its reflected sunlight after all, and is best for crystals such as citrine and amethyst that fade in sunlight. Let them bathe in sunlight or moonlight for at least an hour, if not all day/night.

7. Crystal Grid
Crystal grids can be used for a variety of purposes, including cleansing a space. Simply create a crystal gird using cleansing crystals such as lodestone, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and selenite. Create a pattern that speaks to you, or use sacred geometry to create your grid. Charge each of the crystals with your intent and place the grid in the space you wish to be cleansed. Allow to sit for 24 to 72 hours. You can leave the crystal grid permanently in a space, but be sure to cleanse and charge the crystals often to ensure it continues to work.

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8. Salt Bowl
Salt is a natural purifier, hence its use to preserve meats and other food longterm. It is naturally antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-negativity making it a potent cleanser. Cover an object in salt or place salt bowls around the space you wish to please. Allow to sit for 24 to 72 hours. Be careful about which objects you place in salt. Crystals with fine cracks or high moisture such as turquoise, malachite, calcite, amber, moonstone, and selenite, should not come into contact with salt. 

9. Onions
Onions, like salt, are also natural purifiers. Simply cut an onion in half and place the halves around the space you wish to cleanse. I personally wouldn't use onions to clean an object, but that's mostly because I don't want all my belongings smelling like onions...

10. Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
This is a ritual commonly used in high magic to cleanse a space, object, or person. Traditionally a dagger or athame is used, but your finger is also just as good at directing your energy. You can find a complete guide to performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Petagram here. For those of you looking for a more involved ritual for cleansing, this may be right up your ally.

11. Tornado Jar
Tornado jars use storm magic to cleanse and purify a space, just as tornados tear through an area allowing new life to flourish. To create a tornado jar, combine stormwater and cleansing essential oils such as lemongrass, patchouli, and tea tree with obsidian, black tourmaline, and clear quartz with a pinch of salt into a clear glass jar. Swirl the jar to create a tornado while chanting "By the power of the elements all negativity this jar shall ensnare. This house will be rid of all ill intent and evil beware. With crash of thunder and howling winds, this house is protected and those within. No more hurt or ill will remains. Happiness and love are all that may gain. By my will, the spell is done. Until I will it, it shan't be undone." Place the jar in a prominent place in your home or on your altar. Give it a swirl every once in a while to gather up any stagnant or negative energy that has settled.

12. Vinegar Steam
Vinegar is a potent preserver and remover of negativity and stagnant energy. Steam combines both Fire and Air, using the combination of these elements to cleanse a space. According to Chinese tradition, rice vinegar is boiled and the pan is carried around the house, allowing the steam to cleanse the area. This is traditionally part of a weekly cleaning regiment but can be used any time you feel the need. Furthermore, any type of vinegar will work depending on your tastes.

13. Floorwash
Floor washes, like sweeping, removes both energy and physical debris. You will want to physically clean the floors first, including washing them with your standard floor wash then finish off with a magical floor wash to remove negativity. You can see a full breakdown of my favorite magical floor wash here.

No matter how you decide to cleanse your space and objects, know that they are all equally powerful if you will it so. While there is more to spell work that just intent, intent goes a long way when it comes to cleansing a space and you don't need smoke to do it. Remember, when you are cleansing, open windows or doors to allow the negativity a way to leave. While energy can travel through walls, why not give it a designated exit? Walls also have a habit of keeping things in, even when we don't intend them too. Good luck cleansing your spaces and objects, witches!

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  1. Stellar list! While I madly adore a good smoke cleanse, there are unquestionably times when skipping working with smoke is the order of the day - especially if one is sensitive to smoke, incense, scented candles, etcetera. I have a close family member for whom that is the case (it is one of many long-term effects of a brain injury they experienced in their teens), and while they are not of our witchy/Pagan ilk, I suspect this post will resonate with, and be of use to them much the same, so I'll be sharing it at once. Thank you deeply from both of us. ๐Ÿ™

    Autumn Zenith ๐Ÿงก Witchcrafted Life

    1. You're welcome! I love a good smoke cleansing too, but I know I have to be careful around my cats and therefore don't smoke cleanse nearly as often as I would otherwise. I love the smell of burning herbs, especially sage and rosemary. I find myself using sound and breath much more often, especially on objects. Blowing is so easy! Haha!


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