Thursday, April 25, 2019

Beltane Correspondences

Beltane Correspondences

Symbolism: life, fire, fertility, marriage, sex, love, lust

Symbols: maypole, flower crowns, ribbons, spring flowers, bonfires, cauldrons, baskets, eggs, broom

Colors: green, pink, blue, yellow, red, white, brown, and other pastel colors

Food and Drink: dairy, bread, honey, oatmeal, cakes, strawberries, wine, green salads, cherries, lemonade

Herbs: almond, ash, clover, cinquefoil, lily of the valley, meadowsweet, mint, mugwort, foxglove, honeysuckle, elder, ivy, lilac, rose, yarrow, bluebells, marigold, thyme, and other flowering plants

Deities: Aphrodite, Artemis, Bast, Diana, Pan, the Horned God, Venus, Maiden, Mother, and other gods/goddesses of love/fertility.

Crystals and Gemstones: Emerald, malachite, bloodstone, amber, carnelian, rose quartz

Animals: bees, cow, rabbit, frog, swallow, dove, swan, cats, lynx, leopard

Magic: Beltane is a great time to cast fertility spells and perform love magic. Beltane is commonly referred to as the "sex" sabbat so any spells or rituals involving sex magic can be performed during this time. This is also a great time to get married, committing to each other for a year and a day, renewing your vows each year. If you are not interested in those magics, focus on planting or fertilizing your garden, dancing around a maypole, nurturing your goals, or just hanging out with friends around a bonfire. No matter what you decided to do, make sure you have fun!

Please note this is not a complete list but a brief overview of symbols, colors, herbs, deities, and the like. If I have missed something that you feel should make the list, please feel free to contact me via the comments or through email.

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