Thursday, July 2, 2015

Endless Frustration

Honestly, I can say for the first time in my life that I just can't do anymore. I generally enjoy keeping busy, busier than most people in fact, but I think I have reached my limit. Between working full time, going to school full time, having multiple deaths in the family, being sick, having a major event every single weekend, trying to get my car fixed from the accident I was in in March, and the added stresses of moving forward with our lives (something I hope I can tell you has worked out in the upcoming weeks) has me worn to the bone. Today just added to the stress. I got an email from someone asking for more paperwork, paperwork he should have told me he needed from me weeks ago. But nooooo, he waits until today to tell me, putting us even further behind schedule. I'm at my wits end. You would think someone we are paying for services would at least have the decency to tell us what he needs from us before he needs them. Unfortunately they aren't documents I can fill out and submit myself. No, they have to be filled out by 4 other people, people I already had a hard enough time reaching in the first place! People act like I have no other commitments in my life, that I just sit around home on my ass all day watching TV. It'd be nice to have a day where I DON'T have to do anything.

My husband told me to take a bath and drink some wine to relax. Well we don't have any wine because my husband drank all the wine I drink, and I am not drinking cooking wine. So instead I made a nice hot cup of hot the middle of the Georgia summer heat. I regret nothing!

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