A list of links regarding my posts on spells, rituals, sabbats, and all other items that would fall into your Book of Shadows or Grimoire.


Aura Repair Tea
Book of Shadows Blessing
Book of Shadows Botanical Protection Spell
Deep House Cleansing Ritual
Break Another Witch's Spell 
Depression Banishment Spell
Dispel Sadness Spell
DIY Self Love Witch Ball
Dream Stimulation 
Egg Prosperity Spell
Empowering Crystals 
Garden Blessing
Goal Affirmation Sachet 
Home Protection Ward
Inviting Fairies to Your Garden 
Magical Floorwash For Cleansing Your Space
New Home Blessing 
New Year Release Ritual 
Prophetic Dreaming
Raven Invisibility Feather Spell
Space Clearing Spell
Threshold Protection Spell
Uninvited Banishing Spells


Samhain 2014
Samhain, History and Lore
Samhain Correspondences
3 Ways to Honor Your Ancestors at Samhain
Yule, History and Lore
Yule Correspondences
10 Witchy Ways to Give This Holiday Season 
2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Hedgewitches
Holiday Home Tour 2015
Imbolc, History and Traditions
Imbolc Correspondences 
Spirit Work for Imbolc
Ostara, History and Lore
Ostara Correspondences
Spirit Work for Ostara
Litha Celebrations 2016 
Litha Dinner Party 2018
Litha, History and Lore 
Litha Correspondences
Invocation of the Sun King
Spirit Work for Litha
Lammas, History and Lore
Lammas Correspondences
Spirit Work for Lammas
Mabon Dinner Party 2014
Mabon, History and Lore
Mabon Correspondences 
5 Things To Do This Mabon 


Magic All Day Long: What time of day should I perform magic?
Magical Correspondences of Crystals
Moon Magic Part 1: Moon Phases
Moon Magic Part 2: Monthly Magical Moons
Correspondences: Days of the Week
Correspondences: Colors
Element: Air
Element: Earth
Element: Fire 
Element: Water


10 Ways to Have a Magical Morning
10 Ways to Have a Magical Evening
3 Ways To Develop and Deepen Your Psychic Abilities
5 Crystals for Hedge Riding
5 Witchy Things To Do On The Full Moon
5 Witchy Things To Do On The New Moon
5 Witchy Ways to Fight Depression
A to Z Pagan Glossary
Astral Projection: What is it & How to do it
Authentic Witchcraft: Common Misconceptions in the Craft
Bear Spirit: Lore and Summoning
Charged Waters: Florida Water
Charged Waters: Flower Water
Charged Waters: Holy Water
Crystals for Surgery Recovery
Crystal Magic: How to Cleanse Crystals
Crystal Magic: Empowering Crystals
Crystal Magic: Making Crystal Tinctures and Extracts
Drying Herbs
Dream Magic: Introduction
Grimoire vs Book of Shadows
Living The Mother/Father Aspect When You Aren't A Parent
Magic vs Magick: Why I Don't Use the K 
Meditating, Pathwalking, and Hedge Riding: Making Sense Of It All 
Primal Language
Protection Magic
Questioning Spirits: Is This Spirit My Guide?
Representing the Elements Using Crystals
Should We Rethink The Triple Goddess?
The Darkness Within: Is the Love and Light Movement Hurting Us?
The Holly King
The Oak King
The Three Tricksters
What is Hermeticism?
What is Magic? 
What is Mercury Retrograde? 
Working with the Land: 5 Ways to Practice Local Witchcraft

Full Moon Worksheets

January 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
February 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
March 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
April 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
May 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
June 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
July 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
August 2019 Full Moon Worksheet
September 2019 Full Moon Worksheet


Deep House Cleansing Ritual
Garden Blessing
May Flower Moon 2017 (Esbat)
New Year Release Ritual


Tarot Deck Blessing
Finding Your Personality and Soul Cards


Coming soon...

Tea Leaf Reading

Coming Soon...


Rune Magic Part 1: Elder Futhark Runes
Rune Magic Part 2: Casting Runes
Rune Magic Part 3: Rune Casting Layouts Part 1 
Rune Magic Part 4: Rune Casting Layouts Part 2
Rune Magic Part 5: Upright vs Reversed Runes 

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  1. Hi Willow. I really enjoy your blog. I am new to the craft as well. I am a solitary kitchen witch. I also use the Tarot to divine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Willow. I really enjoy your blog. I am new to the craft as well. I am a solitary kitchen witch. I also use the Tarot to divine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Merry meet, Willow!
    I to am a practicing witch, although I have not figured out what category of witch I fall into quite yet. Regardless of that however, I read your blog and it has become a valuable resource for me and my own. Have you considered giving the blog a mobile format to make it easier to read on phones or tablets? I believe gives that ability to its users free or charge.

    Blessed Be

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, the blog used to have a mobile format, but I found much of my hard work was lost when the system transferred to mobile view. I'd be happy to set it back up, but just be aware some content will be missing in the process.

  4. Hi... I was drawn to your blog because of some research i was doing on hedge witches for a book i am writing, but i was drawn even further in by the art and grounding nature of the craft. im interested in trying this all out, but i currently have no idea where to stat. Anywho, your blog is amazing and insightful for research and personal interest reasons!

    1. Thank you for reading and good luck on your book! The best place to start is just to start! Read everything you can, take notes, and start putting what you read into practice. Experiment and have fun with it.


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