Sunday, January 1, 2017

Box of Shadows Review: December

Oh dearest me. This post is, of course, late again. I seriously need to get a grip on this whole blogging once a week again. Haha! Anyway, without further ado, let me review December's Box Of Shadows.

Honestly, I love opening these boxes. It is a little present each month. I am going to miss them as I canceled the subscription and am on the lookout for another monthly pagan box to review. I think I found one, but I likely won't be purchasing it until February. The first thing I noticed when I opened this box, however, was the heavenly smell. It smells AMAZING!

Of course I had to figure out what was causing the heavenly scent. I quickly realized it was the wishing spell ritual bath salts. I cannot wait to try these out. In fact, even after storing the box away, since I still don't have a damn altar space in this house, the smell lingered in the office. Mmmmm....

Next up I noticed a candle similar to the one I received in October for Samhain. This one, however, it for Yule. It too smells nice, and I look forward to using it next year in my Yule ritual. Hopefully next year I will have a damn altar!

Next up was a box of frankincense incense WITH a holder, which also smell pretty awesome. Frankincense is the most Yule incense you could possibly own. Heck, even the Christians recognize its significance at Christmas. Frankincense, however, is not just for Yule. It is also used for healing, relaxation, increasing your connection with the Spirit, and aiding in the elevation of the mind during meditation and visualizations. It is also a great incense to use during hedge riding. I'll be using these soon!

I then noticed I had received both the monthly crystal and monthly herb, a very pleasant surprise indeed because normally you receive one or the other. This month's herb was rosemary, used for protection, purification, healing, and love, and the gemstone was bloodstone, used for health, protection, good luck, success, and courage. This is a must have stone coming into the new year!

Of course I also received some sage and some candles in red, green, white, black, and gray.

After three month's of review, here is my overall opinion of the box:

[+] Consistency- You know you will also receive sage, candles, a crystal or herb, and some other ritual items.

[+] Themed- Each month centers around a theme, usually a sabbat so you can use the items in your ritual that month.

[+] Price- Unlike many other subscription boxes, there are several tiers you can purchase depending on your budget.

[-] Consistency- Yes this is a pro, but also a con. I don't need a sage stick every month nor 5 candles. However, if you are using these items all the time, then this consistency will be good for you.

[-] No mention of where items are from- I'd like to know what businesses I am helping to support.

[-] No explanation on how to use the items- This is fine if you are an advanced witch, but a beginner would benefit from an explanation on how to use the items.

Overall I was very pleased with this box! I cannot wait to sign up for a new subscription service, but I have a feeling I will likely be returning to this one one day. Just depends on what I review in the future!


  1. Kind of envious of those bath salts! Get yourself an altar, girl! You deserve it! ;)

    1. I'm trying! It is finding the right one. That is the hardest part. I am also on a very tight budget at the moment.