Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to my 2015 Holiday Home Tour! Unfortunately my first year blogging I didn't get around to posting a home tour because, well, we didn't decorate for a variety of reasons.However, we wanted our first Christmas in our new home to be extra special, so we went all out! Let's begin with the living room.

We actually purchased a new tree for this house because our other two trees were either too small or too big. Because the library is so small, we knew we needed a slim tree. Furthermore, slim trees are more formal in my opinion. This is a formal space, so we needed a tree to fit the room.

For ornaments we went with pinks, greens, golds, and whites which are the colors of the room. We actually picked up wrapping paper that will match the room, but I had already wrapped presents when we found it. Next year we'll use it!

We have several formal looking ornaments surrounded by natural ones, including the nest featured above. These are a tribute to the Earth and all her creatures.For more ornament ideas, see my Yule Correspondences post.

I added several decorations into our bookcases, including the ornaments and the word "JOY" symbolizing what this time of year is all about.


In the window I hung three ornaments with fishing line. I love how they sway when the heat kicks on and the light shines through them casting pink, white, and green splashes on the floor.


On our front door I hung the wreath I made a couple years ago. You can see a full tutorial here. The wreath was damaged in the move and I will be repairing it after the holiday season. I was going to before I put it up, but I wanted some time to think about new colors and ideas. I am probably going to add more sprigs and include pinks and golds with the greens.


I hung this wreath in our kitchen window. This was actually given to me this year by my employers who no longer had a place for it in their new home. It is a perfect tribute to the Holly King with its holly berries, pine cones, and evergreen sprigs. I also places garland above my cabinets and covered them in white lights, but I couldn't get a picture I wasn't embarrassed of. Ha ha!



And for the grand finale, the outside. We hung out icicle lights around the front of the house, covered the porch in garland and lights, wrapped the front trees, and hung lights and garland around the front fence. Next year we will be adding more lights to the yard, but for our first year I think we did a pretty good job.

How is your decorating going? Yule is just a couple days away! I've added a link up party below. Feel free to share your holiday decorations!

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