Saturday, May 23, 2015

Something to Remember

I'd like to take a moment to clarify some things about hedgecraft. It is not to be confused with other domestic forms of witchcraft which center around hearth and home and family and the deities as so many modern authors seems to believe. While hedgewitches work in and around their homes, the home is not the focus of the practice. Healing is. We heal ourselves, our families, friends, strangers, the dead, and the Earth. We seek to bring about harmony and in many cases, bring people peace through healing and divination.

Remember, the tradition is based on the wise woman and man who lived on the edge of town. They were healers and fortune tellers. They were able to walk between worlds, making their entire lives magical. There are no formal rituals, no magical tools, no complicated spell work. It is whatever feels right. I never cast a circle, perform complicated rituals, call quaters, invite the deities to watch over me, or any of that noise. I simply walk outside or most often inside because my yard is not private, and say hey, I'm going to do some magic right here and now. I sit at my dinner table and perform most often. I talk to the dead; I cast runes; I read the stars and plants; I protect my family and seek to heal others and the Earth. I'm not a kitchen witch, hearth witch, domestic witch, cottage witch, or any of those that have more formal altars and rituals and deities. I'm just here walking in the veil that separates the worlds, listening to what needs to happen.


  1. I kid you not, I am having an article published in a magazine next month addressing this exact issue. I wonder if perhaps it is on the mind of hedgewitches right now, this misconception that it is kitchen, cottage, green or hearth craft.

    1. It is kind of frustrating isn't it? Lately I have seen countless posts pop up about hedgewitches, and I am like NO! That's not what we are! I feel like some of the other paths are more definable because their name defines their role. Hearthwitches deal with the hearth and home, generally with rituals and offereings. Cottagewitches deal with the home and garden. Kitchenwitches work magic out of the kitchen with some respect to the home as a whole. A greenwitch works with nature with no respect to the hearth and home and usually has some formal ritual work with heavy emphasis on folklore. But hedgewitch? Hedge doesn't lend much to go off of unless you know the history. I don't know if you read my book review of Hedge Witch by Rae Beth, but she assumes that hedgewitches are solitary Wiccans. I feel like maybe I need to write my own book. Haha!

    2. I came across some one on the internet with a herbal business with 'hedge witch' in the title. Looking through their site they were definitely not a witch - it's really frustrating. My article started with the line "I am going to begin by stating what hedgecraft is not. It is not kitchen witchcraft, it is not green witchcraft, it is not cottage witchcraft and it is not herbalism" - I imagine there are going to be some annoyed witches....

    3. That is honestly the best way to begin explaining what hedgecraft is, despite the annoyance others may feel. I've had to do it myself many times. When and where is your article being published? I would love to read it and share it here!


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