Friday, April 10, 2015

Hermetic Principle 6: "Every Cause has its Effect"

We are down to the last two principles of Hermeticism. The sixth Hermetic Principle is The Principle of Cause and Effect. According to this principle nothing "merely happens" and there is no such thing as chance. Instead chance is a name for a law we don't recognize, meaning we don't recognize the cause or effect.

Hermetic Principle 6: "Every Cause has its Effect"Most people are carried along through life, allowing the effects of the world around them to sweep them along. They are obedient to their environment, heredity, suggestions, and the wills and desires of others stronger than their own. By mastering this principle, one can rise above the effects and become the causer; you can stop allowing others to influence your decisions and instead make the change in your life you wish to see.

There are some very obvious places this principle shows up in science. Cause and effect are the center of all scientific study. We know that lightning causes thunder; that the rotation of the earth in relation to the moon causes waves and tides; that a fever is caused by an immune response to a pathogen.

But where does this show up in the craft? Magic, of course. When we practice witchcraft, we become the causer every time we cast a spell. The effect is the desired outcome. Magic embodies this principle to the fullest and requires you to master it before you can be an effective practitioner. This is why primal language is so important. One slip up and you can mess up your entire spell.

Where else do you believe this principle shows up in the craft?

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