Monday, April 6, 2015

Hermetic Principle 5: "Everything flows, out and in"

Hermetic Principle 5: "Everything flows, out and in"
The fifth principle of Hermetisim is The Principle of Rhythm or "Everything flows, out and in." This principle states that everything manifests a measure of motion, to and fro, between the two poles which exist according to the Principle of Polarity. Of course we find this in all aspects of our lives, from the rise and fall of empires to the rise and fall of the ocean's waves. Masters of this principle are able to polarize themselves at one pole and remain there, despite the rhythmic pull of the pendulum, to attain a greater degree of poise and mental firmness. This allows them to control their moods and feelings, instead of being overcome by them. People who have attained any degree of self mastery do this as well, although to varying degrees and unconsciously.

This principle is well understood in modern science and is considered a universal law. Apart from the tides and waves, this principle applies to the coming and going of seasons and night and day as well as how atoms, molecules, and all types of matter function. Consider your heart beat as well. Even in times of stress it beats rhythmically. If it isn't, this is generally a sign something is wrong.

Nothing reaches absolute rest, a cessation of all movement. Instead, all objects move, as stated by the Principle of Vibration, but all objects move in a rhythmic pattern. Even our day to day lives play out in a similar rhythmic patterns. If you keep a journal, you will likely pick up on these patterns. For example, periods of high enthusiasm are often followed by the opposite, depression. I know I have experienced these highs and lows, and I am currently working on mastering this principle to prevent the deep rooted depression. I think most of us will agree we like to remain happy.

I use this principle often in my craft and find it incredibly useful. When I clear my home of negative energy I walk, smudge, and chant in a very rhythmic pattern. I find it helps me stay focused on my intent instead of my mind wandering off on its own. How do you incorporate this principle into your craft?

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