Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hermetic Principle 3: "Nothing rests; Everything Moves"

The third Hermetic Principle is the Principle of Vibration. According to this principle "nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates." This principle has been proven time and time again by modern science, yet this principle was stated several thousands of years ago by Ancient Egyptians. This principle helps to explain the differences between the spirit, mind, energy, and matter. According to this principle, the highest form, spirit, vibrates so quickly and infinitely that it appears at rest, while the lowest forms of matter vibrate so slowly that they too seem at rest. What separates the spirit, mind, energy, and matter is the speed at which they vibrate, placing some forms above others on a continuum, not a pole. By mastering your own vibrations, particularly mental vibrations, you can control your thoughts and feelings and those of others.

Hermetic Principle 3: "Nothing rests; Everything Moves"All matter, energy, and thoughts vibrate at some rate. We are taught in introductory science courses that atoms, which are the building blocks of molecules and hence all matter, are in constant motion. However, depending on how quickly they are moving, the form that they present themselves in may change. Think solid, liquid, and gas. Molecules in a solid form move slowly, while molecules in a gaseous form move very quickly. Liquid moves somewhere in the middle. However, not all liquids vibrate at the same rate just as solids and gases do not. Temperature, viscosity, gravity, and composition all affect the rate at which molecules vibrate. Even your own thoughts are vibrations of energy crossing across nureological pathways.

By mastering this principle, you master one of the most basic science skills needed for not only understanding yourself, but the world around you as well.

We see this in the craft by recognizing that all objects, living and nonliving, produce vibrations and energy. Being aware of these energies allows our magic to work. Are you in tune with the energies around you?

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