Friday, March 20, 2015

Hermetic Principle 2: "As Above, So Below"

The second post of March for The Pagan Experience covers the second Hermetic Principle known as The Principle of Correspondence or "As Above, So Below." To learn what Hermeticism is, please refer to my previous post. I know this post is really late but life has taken over. We are trying to purchase a home, and I was recently in a car accident. Figures right? Anyway!
Hermetic Principle 2: "As Above, So Below"

The second principle is probably the most famous of the Hermetic principles. It states that there is a correspondence or link between the material, mental, and spiritual planes. This principle is found in every religion and theology, including witchcraft (although not a religion). By understanding that everything corresponds together, we can solve some of the most complex problems, including understanding the All, by using what we know and experience to solve the unknown. This is how many people communicate with their gods and goddesses. Ever wonder why we give them human traits? It is the limit of our understanding and according to this principle, they are us and we are them.

This is also how magic and witchcraft works. By using our connectedness with the universe, earth, and each other, we work to change our energy and thoughts. Remember, energy is power and power brings about change.

Like the other principles of Hermeticism, this principle can be found throughout science. In fact, some of the most famous scientists used this principle to perfect their theories. Sir Isaac Newton first observed cannon balls and other falling objects to understand the effects of gravity and to work out the mathematics regarding the theory. Albert Einstein observed planes and trains to understand and eventually prove his theory of space-time relativity. They both took the pieces they could see and applied it to larger planes. Furthermore, we take measurements off an instrument we can read and understand before applying it to smaller and larger planes.

By completely understanding this principle, you can come to understand all and gain infinite knowledge. While we may not necessarily be able to apply everything we observe in one plane to another, it stands out as a great starting point.


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