Friday, March 20, 2015

Hermetic Principle 1: "The All is Mind"

The first principle of Hermetism is the Principle of Mentalism or "The All is Mind." This principle states that the All is unknowable and undefinable, but may be thought of as a living mind. Supposedly our universe and being is a mental creation of the All, and by understanding this, we can understand the varied mental and psychic phenomena that have no explanation or defy science. Furthermore, understanding this principle enables the individual to apply this idea to themselves in order to enhance well-being, open mental blocks and doors, and increase knowledge.

While I don't believe in an All that created everything, I do believe this principle is applicable today. Witchcraft is a great example of using our minds to bring about change. As I mentioned in my post "What is Magic," magic is a manifestation of our mental energies. Practicing witchcraft and casting spells allows us to focus our minds on what we truly desire and manifest them into reality. No supernatural being does this for us; we do it for ourselves. Furthermore, yoga and meditation relies heavily on this principle. By relaxing the body and mind we are able to unlock mental blocks, leading to a healthier and happier being.

This principle is based in scientific reasoning and while many of the mental and psychic phenomena used to be unexplainable, we are able to explain them today using science. Somethings are still misunderstood, but we are learning more everyday. It is no joke that the mind is a powerful tool. One of the best known cases of this is the placebo effect. Studies have shown time and time again that if a person believes something will "cure" them, it usually does or at least lessens the symptoms. We see this occur often in homeopathic remedies (not to be confused with actual holistic medicines based in real science), where users of these sugar pills insist they cured their ailments. It is obvious that placebo effect is real because this fraudulent market makes millions every year.
Hermetic Principle 1: "The All is Mind"
Furthermore, if we change "All" to "We", this principle has true scientific basis. Everything we are is based in our minds. Your personality, behaviors, sleeping patterns, likes and dislikes, and all your muscle movements are a manifestation of your mind at work. With that being said, treat your mind well. Eat the appropriate amount of fat each day, read, solve puzzles, interact with others in positive and meaningful ways, relax, and get enough sleep every night. When your mind beings to go, the person you are goes with it.

I hope this has been insightful. How do you define the first Hermetic principle?

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