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Magickal Folk Box Review: November

Magickal Folk Box Review: November

November's Magickal Folk Small Combo box focused on the feminine. As mentioned previously, the small combo box comes with a tea ritual, meditation kit, and crystal alchemy kit, essentially a little bit of everything they curate for the month in one box for just $24.

Magickal Folk Box Review: November: Feminae Tea Ritual Kit

The first item from the box is the Tea Ritual Kit, which contained a tea called Feminae. According to the packaging, the tea is a blend of white tea, red rose, hibiscus, skullcap, vitex berry, rose hips, and pomegranate flavoring. Not going to lie, this tea is a beautiful rose color, smells like heaven, and tastes like a flower garden. I'm so in love with it. When I read the ingredients after removing it from the box, I knew in an instant I would enjoy this tea. I am a sucker for rose, rose hips, and hibiscus. To add to it, the base is a white tea, which is milder and sweeter in flavor as it comes from young tea leaves. The ritual suggests imbibing this tea with your fellow lady witches to inspire conversation, especially during our "moon cycle" or consumed ritually in tribute to the Morrigan. Honestly, I would pair this tea with Dulsky's Holy Wild. The book is all about taking back our Goddess powers and the message pairs amazingly with this tea!

Magickal Folk Box Review: November: Meditation Kit

The next item is the Meditation Kit, which focused on the sacred Wolf. The purpose of this meditation is to connect with the wolf in your life as well as honor the spirit guides in your life. As a hedgewitch, I absolutely love that this month's kit included ways to honor and connect with your spirit guides. They are so crucial to our development as witches and the meditation outlined by Candice at Magickal Folk is beautifully written and easy to follow, even for a beginner witch. The kit included a cauldron recipe card to record the ingredients included in the kit as well as any other items you add to the ritual to connect with your guide. There are two beautiful Lapiz Lazuli crystals and an herbal incense mixture that contains cedar and juniper tips for protection, star anise to carry your messages, wood betony for removing doubt and opening communication, and elderflowers to bring ancient wisdom. I love how well thought out this mixture is and that is can be used during hedge riding or a normal ritual to communicate with spirits.

Magickal Folk Box Review: November: Crystal Alchemy Kit

The final kit, the Crystal Alchemy Kit, contains a large piece of peacock ore and a witchcraft oil both of which are designed to increase magical intentions. The oil contains jojoba, olive oil, and sunflower oil infused with dragon blood resin, honeysuckle flowers, and vervain herb. Candice suggests using it as a base spell oil during rituals or to banish, heal, and enchant. There are no essential oils in this product, which I think it great because many people are allergic to essential oils. This also allows the oil to be more versatile so it can be placed on the skin, the third eye, or used to anoint candles and other objects used in spell work. The oil has a sweet, subtle scent; nothing overpowering here!

Magickal Folk Box Review: November: Crystal Alchemy Kit

Magickal Folk Box Review: November: Crystal Alchemy Kit Ritual Oil

Overall, I love the diversity in this month's box. I'm not going to lie, the tea is my favorite part! Once this subscription is complete, I may purchase the monthly tea ritual for just $5. Considering how many cups I tea I get per bag, $5 is a steal! On average, I get 7-10 cups of tea. Remember, you don't have to throw the tea out after one use. Using freshly dried herbs means you can get at least 2 cups out of most teas, so don't throw it away after one cup! Besides, the tea leaves can be used in later rituals as an offering or just to enhance your spell work!

Magickal Folk Box Review: November: Crystal Alchemy Kit Peacock Ore

Have you subscribed to any witchy or pagan subscription boxes lately? Have something you would like me to review before you commit to a purchase? I am on the lookout for something new to try next year and would love to hear from you in the comments below!


  1. I adored Inked Goddess Creations. One of my favorites. My ultimate favorite was Soulshine Boxes, but unfortunately this months will be the last as they are closing up shop.

    1. Well that just stinks! I'm going to look into them anyway to see what I missed. I'll check out Inked Goddess Creations too.


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