Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Spiritual Goals

Every year I wish I did more spiritually. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard, especially with a skeptic atheist in the house. While I love my husband dearly, there are times he makes me feel, well, embarrassed about my spirituality. I know he doesn't mean to do it on purpose, but I feel awkward practicing magic around him. It is part of the reason there isn't currently an altar in our home. I need to move past this awkwardness and embarrassment this year. In all other things I am very confident, never allowing the thoughts of others to dictate my behavior. So my main goal spiritually for 2016 is to move past my fears and grow. I've broken this down into several different manageable goals that I believe will help me overcome some of the feelings I still harbor. I swear, after almost 6 years with the man you'd think I'd be over it, not to mention I have been practicing for 11 years!

To achieve this overarching goal there are a couple of things I would like to work on.
     - Read and Review a Pagan Book (hopefully 3)
     - Create and Compile Grimoire and BOS
     - Set up Altar
     - Learn Tarot
     - Cast Runes Once a Week
     - Build Blog

After identifying six ways to meet my goal of spiritual growth I began breaking down some of the large goals in to manageable chunks using my My Goals app from the GooglePlay store. Reading one pagan book and reviewing it and casting runes once a week are pretty straight forward. However, there are several steps and actions I need to take to accomplish the others.

Create and Compile Grimoire and BOS
I want to work on compiling a hard copy of my Grimoire and start a Book of Shadows. I used to keep a BOS, but over the years it has collected dust and honestly, I don't even know where it is since we moved. To achieve this goal, I broke it up into chunks.
     1. Find and purchase journal for BOS
     2. Create or purchase Grimoire binding. I want
         to be able to remove pages and rearrange
     3. Setup Grimoire sections
     4. Add at least 20 pages to Grimoire
     5. Participate in the 2016 Grimoire Challenge. I
         won't be able to do it everyday so I plan to
         knock it out on the weekends.

Set up Altar
This is something I have never done because I don't believe in any deities. However, I think it is a beautiful way to honor the Earth and the Wheel of the Year while bringing magical energies into the home.
     1. Find altar table
     2. Find altar location
     3. Decorate altar

This is pretty simple, but it has steps none the less. Plus it makes you feel awesome to check off easy things!

Learn Tarot
I have always wanted to learn tarot but have never gotten around to it. I find it fascinating.
     1. Research tarot decks
     2. Learning meaning of tarot
     3. Purchase tarot deck
     4. Practice reading tarot cards

Build Blog
I want to work on building my blog and expanding my audience not only to benefit you, my readers, but to help continue my learning and understanding through teaching.
     1. Post 4x a month (set up goal in GoalTracker
     2. Research best posting times
     3. Set up contest
     4. Post 6 witchy tips
     5. Obtain reader feedback
     6. Create watermark
     7. Review 1 pagan book
     8. Review 2 pagan items (hopefully I'll be able
         to sign up for Sabbat box)

With everything still pretty crazy in my life, I know completing these tasks may be difficult, but I believe I've made each manageable and achievable. I also believe all of these will help me break free of the awkwardness I often feel performing magic and discussing it with others.

What spiritual goals have you set for 2016?


  1. Great intentions! An altar can be set up as a focal point, rather than a place of worship. I have many that others just see as a group of decorative or seasonal items. Magical work does not have to be obvious either. Most of the magical energy comes from you, your thoughts and your intentions. The magic in the items we use is usually to help us focus and and direct our energy. I am not overly obvious about my interests, but I'm sure that people that come into my house sense that I am into some interesting things. And that's ok. :)

    1. I had planned to make my altar a decorative part of my house instead of a central focus of worship and spell craft. Obviously I don't worship anything, but I would like to honor the Wheel of the Year in some form other than home decorations because most Sabbats I don't decorate the entire house. I'm also pretty inconspicuous when I perform magic unless it requires me to go outside and walk around my house a thousand times with different objects. Haha! I try to do those under the cover of night simply because I don't want my good Christian neighbors to freak out. They find it strange enough that we moved out here. Haha! Its my husband I have a hard time avoiding. Neither one of us is home much and I don't often get a lot of alone time. I don't like to perform magic when he is home because he fills the house with skeptic energy that throws me and the energy I am producing off. He used to be pretty accepting, attributing it to a natural gift of being more perceptive, but the longer we have been together the, how should I put this, less accepting (?) he has gotten. I'm not entirely sure why, but it is often a hindrance for me. I've tried talking to him about it to no avail. He just doesn't understand so I tend to do this in the off chance I am alone.

  2. 2016 Spiritual goals of mine include becoming more comfortable with ritual and believing in my talents. I am a confident person around people but surprisingly, I doubt myself A LOT internally.
    My husband isn't super religious or spiritual but he supports my decision to practice whatever beliefs I see fit. That said...I can tell he is a skeptic and not overtly so, but enough that I do all my meditations and rituals by myself or after he falls asleep. I found my closet is a good private place to practice since it is a walk in and has a door I can shut.
    That said, I know it is not always easy to find private time but finding a spot where you can be yourself and commune with whatever you feel connected to, can make a huge difference.
    I'm also dedicated to really fleshing out my grimoire. I don't have a lot of spells and I enjoy writing, so I want to be able to write my own, as well as include others I have found.
    Thanks for commenting over at my blog, I look forward to our ongoing sharing!
    (Moonbeams and Mysteries)

    1. Girl we are in the same boat. It kind of makes things weird and it promotes that internal doubt when your significant other is skeptical and/or nonreligious. Just have to find the alone time and go with it!